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Welcome to M & P Fabrication the builders of the Rifleman's Rest.

Mike Moore, creator, owner and user of the rifleman's rest.
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Our product is a custom, hand built rifle rest designed to be remarkably stable yet easy to transport. The Rifleman's Rest is soundly built in order to endure heavy use over a long period of time. M & P fabrication is a small family owned and operated business, which provides both impressive fabrication and quality craftsmanship.

Each rest consists of a strong steel frame individually welded, and finished with a durable powder coat. The front and rear shooting bags are all high-grade Protektor shooting bags, which can be bought as part of the rest or separately. Being that these are quality leather and cordura bags and come filled with sand they are a great compliment to the Rifleman's Rest. The combination makes for the finest shooting rest.

The Rifleman’s Rest may utilize an assortment of shooting platforms. A shooter may use anything from a Rifle rest is fit for a multitude of platformsstandard rifle stock to a heavy tactical rifle frame. The dissimilar shape of the AR is no problem for the Rifleman's Rest either.

My desire to develop the rest originally resulted from my personal experiences. As a shooter that is into reloading and load development I understand the importance of a steady shooting platform. The low quality rests that flood the market already, lacked the attributes I saw as necessary. A rest needs to be comfortable, simple to set up, and exceptionally stable. The
Rifleman excels at each of these.

Peggy shooting with the rifleman restMy wife, Peggy, and I know you will enjoy this shooting rest. We
both stand behind our product. If you have any questions or
concerns please give us a call, we would be more than happy to



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Patented Product #US 8,683,730 B1